If you indulge me, i’d like to change the world


This one is for all the fellow geeks and sci fi nerds (:

Really felt that he carried out the speech perfectly,absolutely flawless.

Btw, big fan of the Alien series.

So is this dude.


To those who came here looking for some inspiring quotes on life and love, sorry, today is nerdy Tuesday.

I’m just gonna be a total nerd and indulge myself in drawing sci fi stuff  and just chilling.

I am working on some stuff though, don’t worry (:

A few ideas in my mind, just that the inspiration to finish it isn’t here yet.

And for my guest writers, don’t feel the rush to write out stuff.

I’m not putting anything up till next week, just take a little time to work on it and think about it.

No rush guys, just chill.

Anyway, to those who are still hung over from over Monday blues,

Tuesday is here (: worst part of the week is over.

Keep going 😛

Have a great week ahead.