The burden of our generation

The burden of our generation is not that countries fight each other for profit or a cause, it is cause we have nothing to fight for

The burden of our generation is not that we are not taught the morals and values to be a man, but we do not treat others with the value that they are worth

The burden of our generation is not that there are too many of us, but there is too little space in our hearts to tolerate those that are different

The burden of our generation is not that we are indifferent to the pain and suffering of those around us, but that we no longer feel them because we have been running from our own feelings all our lives.

And as we watch our generation tear itself apart, as we watch the we shed a tear or two.
We say a little prayer,
We dream a little dream,
We muster a little faith…

And realize that like the generations before us, and those before them…
were just as broken as we are.

And that if were to ever ease the burden of our generation

We have to listen the pain of those who are broken…

We have to not only find something to fight for, or something to live by, we must also find something to die for…

We have to learn the to measure the value of a man not by the size of his wealth or power, but by the size of his heart..

We have to find within ourselves the space in our own hearts to accept those who are different, and realize the truth, that when we are stripped of our color, our facades and our lies, we are all the same.

We have to learn to embrace the truth, and to accept the truth , because even though the truth hurts, by the power of it, we, while living, will conquer the universe.