The Color theory

This one is for all the creative minds (: Kinda long, sorry if it bores ya.

In art, color theory is basically understanding and making sense of the colors around us. Colors are basically a result of light bouncing of a surface and being reflected into our eyes. In life, the color theory of people isn’t that different to. The kind of personality that we see in every individual is a result of looking at them at different lights. And in those lights we shape our perception  of the people around us.

We look at colors in 3 main aspects, the hue the lightness and the saturation.Hue refers to the kind of color it contains. Lightness refers to how dark or light .Saturation is well… how saturated.I guess the same could be said about people.

Our hue is what we call our individual characteristics, whether we are patient, dominant, passive, aggressive…Our lightness refers to the contrast in our personality, whether is it a mild mixture , or a striking contrast of different characteristics .Our saturation would referring to which traits are more dominant, a more saturated hue will give the painting an overall feel and tone. Our dominant personalities will make up the impression.

There are no limits to how colors can be matched, similarly its impossible to classify humans by their personality. You can try but you will end up generalizing, missing the details, overlooking what makes them unique. Each individual has their own painting, creating a distinct impression upon one another … Believe me when I say there’s no one like you. Each one of us is special.Having said that I would like to share my three favorite color themes .

The first is grey scale. Or just simply referred to as black and white. n. No colors. Such paintings I find incredibly honest, simple and yet striking. People who’s personality is in greyscale are rather amazing too. To some they maybe boring or unattractive, yet by simple contrasts of grey  , they develop their own personality. They lead very morally defined lives, using the contrast of black and white, right and wrong to define who they are. They follow principles that are clear and concise, they are like bedrocks, steady, unmoveable , firm.. yet some of us are unable to see such lines so clearly.

Another kind of color scheme is known as Analogous Relationship , where the colors are located adjacent to each other, people like that generally give a clear idea of their personality. For instance a person could be warm, like red orange and yellow, or cool like blue, violet and purple. Their colors make up their core personality, their colors create  a homogeneous impression, rarely doing things that conflicts with their personality. Such people are easy to understand and hence making them more approachable.

The last kind i want to talk about is complementary colors.

This I would say make up the bulk of the most beautiful people I know. And is also one of the color schemes that creates the most beautiful pictures, as well as people. As simple as it is, complementary colors are colors across the color wheel.

When talking in terms of people, it means people who show contrasting personalities.

Like when someone who is usually timid finding strength to speak up for what they believe in.

Or Someone who is usually withdrawn to share their insecurities.

Even someone who is usually strong to show pain.

These are people who step out of their comfort zone to confront with their inner turmoils, these are people who dare to mix the palette forming newer and more mind blowing   combinations, creating contrasts and confusions, creativity and chaos.

We all have a personal preference to the colors we love, be it the impressions they leave us or the emotions they evoke.

It takes time to understand how is it possible that such play of light can lead to such amazing connections.

And i find it even more amazing that we too look at people in different lights to see the colors that make up their life….

To see what truly makes them beautiful.




The Dream theory

Some of you will wonder about the name of the blog.

Its a simple idea, really.

Something I believe in. And like most theories, it needs to be tested.
So here’s how the dream theory goes. You only need two person to believe in a dream to make it reality.
The dream theory
Because chasing dreams are hard, and at some point we will fall. So never do it alone.

“I’ll push you, pull you , pick you up when you fall, put you back when you break , hug you when you cry. I’ll be there to remind you what’s worth fighting for. “

How many peole have I shared this with?
I kinda lost count…
How many times did I share it with myself?
Probably even more…
I have a lot of funny dreams… I wanna be a concept artist, I wanna form a band, I wanna write my own film, direct it,compose its tunes..
Stir people hearts, connect their lives.
Dreams…The pursuit of it seems so difficult and yet so worth it.
All these seem so distant until a few weeks back.
I guess I was falling. Or I fell.
Somebody picked me up .
Someday I’m gonna return the favour (:

I’m not as passionate as you think I am… I’m weak alone.
I waver. I doubt myself…
I’m always needing someone to help me up.
Then again who doesn’t?
But some dreams are worth holding on to…
Some dreams worth fighting for.
And so begins the testing .
Testing the dream theory


The burden of our generation

The burden of our generation is not that countries fight each other for profit or a cause, it is cause we have nothing to fight for

The burden of our generation is not that we are not taught the morals and values to be a man, but we do not treat others with the value that they are worth

The burden of our generation is not that there are too many of us, but there is too little space in our hearts to tolerate those that are different

The burden of our generation is not that we are indifferent to the pain and suffering of those around us, but that we no longer feel them because we have been running from our own feelings all our lives.

And as we watch our generation tear itself apart, as we watch the we shed a tear or two.
We say a little prayer,
We dream a little dream,
We muster a little faith…

And realize that like the generations before us, and those before them…
were just as broken as we are.

And that if were to ever ease the burden of our generation

We have to listen the pain of those who are broken…

We have to not only find something to fight for, or something to live by, we must also find something to die for…

We have to learn the to measure the value of a man not by the size of his wealth or power, but by the size of his heart..

We have to find within ourselves the space in our own hearts to accept those who are different, and realize the truth, that when we are stripped of our color, our facades and our lies, we are all the same.

We have to learn to embrace the truth, and to accept the truth , because even though the truth hurts, by the power of it, we, while living, will conquer the universe.