Rest. Why sometimes we just need to be alone


Yesterday I took a day of from writing.
Instead I took the day off deciding on what I want to do with my life.
I thought about what are the things I screwed up recently.
I thought about my dreams and my goals.
And at the end of the day, I have this come to this conclusion.

I have no freaking idea what to do.

Sounds pretty pathetic but really, sometimes in life we just have no idea where we are going, so we take a rest.

In music , there is a sign which tells us to pause or to stop playing. Ask any musician and they will tell you the rest note is just as important as every other note in the score sheet.

Ask the DJ and he’d tell you that pause before dropping the bass is what makes the crowd go wild .

Ask the dude playing the triangle in an ensemble and he’d tell you that’s the only thing he sees, besides the occasionally one to two ‘ tings’. Poor guy.

Point is.. sometimes in life we need to just stop playing every single note we can. Taken , yes , we need chords, harmonies and melodies to make our lives meaningful, we need them to create the emotions in our lives, to make us sway with the symphony of life, but really, sometimes what we really need is a simple rest. That one second of silence brings back all the emotions to this one point of reflection and acceptance of the song. And then the song keeps going.

Just because you took a break from life doesn’t mean your quitting, in fact your coming back better and stronger than ever.

And sometimes that rest just means you need to be alone for a moment.

So the harmony will keep playing, or the bass becomes the melody and the music shifts it focus from you to something else and you know what?

That’s okay, ¬†you need this silence.

Guess what, I’d never have known all these if I hadn’t pissed of somebody important to me by not leaving her alone, ( among some other stupid stuff that I did which I am not proud of and shall not reveal to the internet. )

And then because of that, it kinda just forced me to take a moment to dwell in the silence, and in that silence I found a clearer view of who I really am. I realized what is it I really need.

Some time to be alone.

So for those’s who’s melodies are getting too messed up for you, who feels that you can longer play the music any more.

Take a rest.

Sit back, relax and just enjoy the silence.

It’ll be alright, everything will turn out just fine, I promise.

Keep going all, TGIF (:




The burden of our generation

The burden of our generation is not that countries fight each other for profit or a cause, it is cause we have nothing to fight for

The burden of our generation is not that we are not taught the morals and values to be a man, but we do not treat others with the value that they are worth

The burden of our generation is not that there are too many of us, but there is too little space in our hearts to tolerate those that are different

The burden of our generation is not that we are indifferent to the pain and suffering of those around us, but that we no longer feel them because we have been running from our own feelings all our lives.

And as we watch our generation tear itself apart, as we watch the we shed a tear or two.
We say a little prayer,
We dream a little dream,
We muster a little faith…

And realize that like the generations before us, and those before them…
were just as broken as we are.

And that if were to ever ease the burden of our generation

We have to listen the pain of those who are broken…

We have to not only find something to fight for, or something to live by, we must also find something to die for…

We have to learn the to measure the value of a man not by the size of his wealth or power, but by the size of his heart..

We have to find within ourselves the space in our own hearts to accept those who are different, and realize the truth, that when we are stripped of our color, our facades and our lies, we are all the same.

We have to learn to embrace the truth, and to accept the truth , because even though the truth hurts, by the power of it, we, while living, will conquer the universe.