Why does fantasy feel so real.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”.” – George R.R. Martin

I love to read.

In fact anyone who has been my house would probably say that we have too many books.
I grow up with words, learn lessons of life through the lives of those who don’t exist, books formed the very foundation of my personality and fiction crafted my perception of life. This was how my life has always been, rooted in fairy tales and legends of knights and kings, I always wonder if I would ever grow out of it. I hope I never do.

I have been told that there is no reason to be obsessed with books, that the world I so constantly find myself seeking refugee is often not real. Wizards don’t exist, neither do demi gods nor talking lions, yet the lessons that I have learned through fantasy is more real than any class or tutorial that I have been through. In real life, I had a single teacher for a single class. In books, I learned a thousand lessons through a thousand teachers, mentors and masters. I was their apprentice, a student of Hogwarts, a Half blood in training. My teachers were the characters of the books and their lesson was taught through their own life.

I have watched The Chosen one fight the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters time and time again, I’ve seen his courage and love and it touched me. I learned that that Gryffindor can be wise, Ravenclaws can be brave, Slytherins can love just as well as anybody and Hufflepuffs can become sparkling vampires. Our traits are not based on the house we are put it, they are based on the choices we make. I will always remember that love is the greatest magic of all.

I have seen the Son of Poseidon battle Chronos, I watched him fight his destiny as he struggled to cope with his greatest fears, losing the ones he love. I learned that even in the River of Styx, holding on to the ones we love is what gets us through the hardest and most painful days of our lives. Never forget what is dear to you and never shun out those who care for you.

I have seen the Kings and Queens of Narnia battle against the darkness to fight for their kingdom, I’ve seen Narnia crumble and rise again. I have seen the Magnificent lead, the Gentle love, the Just lose his way, and then find his redemption and the Valiant forgive. I also learned that the world of fantasy will always exist as long as I believe it does, but I fear that one day my mind will be too dulled by reality that I can longer find my way back. When that happens, no wardrobe or magic rings can bring me back.

I have seen the Seven kingdom tear itself apart in the rule of the Child King, I seen the North rise and fall, the dead come back and walk. I’ve seen kings die and king slayers live. I watched heroes die by their honor and man without it drink and live life in pleasure. I learned that every man must die, but first he must live. That we should never forget what we are for the world will surely not.

 Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.

I learned that the only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid. And after learning so many things, I learned that at the end of the day, I know nothing.

The quotes of the characters echoes in the back of my head as I pen down my thoughts.
I could go on, I really could, but as my mind drawls to the realm of fantasy, the line between it and reality blurs. Then I start to realise my greatest fear, that one day these lessons will just fade, and that I will forget that they were real, to me at least.

I have been told that is not real. Yet why is that I would cry over the death of these characters that don’t exist, why does my heart sink as I see Harry reveal the memories of Snape? Why do I mourn the death of the Rue and Prim?
Why do I laugh, cry, smile, shudder, swear, and fret with these characters? Why does it feel like I’ve known them all my life?
Why does fantasy feel so real?

That should be bad, really. The boundaries between reality and fantasy fractures each time I dive into a new world and each time I leave I feel that part of me still reminds in that world and the book has become part of me.
I ask myself time and time again could all these be real.
Or is it all in my head…
Yet, what is fantasy if not an imagination of a different reality? Like Albus once said, just because it’s in your head it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

As I struggle to pull myself from fantasy, it seems like reality pushes me back in. I see the struggles of life without magic, I see the pain of the real world without dragons and pixies, I see the mundane world; dull, dark and boring. Reality pushes me back in.
I couldn’t figure out why, each time I go back I feel as though life has something to say. Is it telling me to run from it?
I look at the heroes in the books. What made them strong wasn’t the powers they wield but the courage in their hearts.
What made them loved is the fact that they dared to love, to show compassion and to let themselves be vulnerable.
What made them conquer endless foes wasn’t that they were unafraid, but rather despite their fear, they did it anyway.
Reality didn’t push me in fantasy to run from it.
It pushed me in to learn to overcome it.
And once I became aware of that, the blurred lines disappeared altogether, it’s when I realise that now I live in both worlds.
You can call me childish for believing in fantasy.
After all, fantasy is part of my reality, and I don’t intend to change that about me.
Because if you never read, you will never see the world the way we do , you will never be able to stretch your imagination beyond what it is already is, and I promise you, life will never be as beautiful as it can be.

If being childish is the price I pay, then I would gladly pay my debts than to live forever a poor and boring life.
To all, I hope you find a good read this week


I believe in Spiderman and Wreck-it-Ralph

If someone was to ask me which marvel hero is my favorite, it wouldn’t even be a question. Spiderman wins, hands down.

Yes this is even before Gwen stacy aka blonde Emma Stones starred in it.
And no, its not cause of MJ in the previous series either.

I love Spiderman.

But really, the thing about Marvel is that they have superb character development. They make heroes that are messed up and human. Even after giving them superhuman powers.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have superpowers to make their lives easier. I spend more than half my childhood wishing I could turn back time, or fly to school or just simply be something more than me. I wanted to be anything more than ordinary.

Yet to me, Spiderman reflects something more than just a teenage superhero. He reflects the life of a teenager. He gets heartbroken, he mourns for the lost of his uncle, he learns to be independent and pick himself up .
Life doesn’t stop for you just because you are Spiderman.
In fact, when he first began, Spiderman was hated by everyone. People felt that he was a freak, meddling with the duty of the police. He did what he did not because of what people asked of him, but because of what he believes in.
He had to hide his identity simply because he stood for what be.

Find something to believe in, like really really believe in.

Because when all else fails you, when the people around you leave you. When you are finally alone, it is when you find yourself doubting everything you believe in and it is when you realize what it is you truly believe in.

For Spiderman, it was obvious. ” With great power comes with great responsibility.”

Yes, there were days when I ever felt this line was overused, cliche and really really dumb.

That’s what happens to everything when you overuse it, it loses its meaning.

But then there were days where shit happens and you are wondering why people can still move on with their lives.

Why is it that after losing the people he love, Peter could still fight on?

Cause he stuck to what he believed in, that despite all the things that has happened to him, it was his responsibility to help those who would not help themselves.


” Because he was bitten by a radio-active spider… ”

” Because he is Spider man..”

” Because he promised Uncle Ben…”

Because at the end of the day he choose to stick to what he believes in.

He made that choice.

You want to know how to write a good story?

Write about a really messed up guy and how he overcomes his problems. People won’t simply be attracted to the story.

They will be attracted to what he believes in.

Recently I have been in a very confused state of mind.

In my search for clarity, I have discovered three things.

1. I will never understand women, never ever ever ever.

2. Sake is evil, it’s just wrong, really.

3. Not knowing what to believe in anymore sucks.

So after spending sometime being comfortable in silence with a friend of mine, I learned something about myself.

I’m not perfect, I’m still trying to find myself. I make mistakes, plenty. And by some dumb luck or whatever, I remembered this movie I watched last year, Wreck- it -Ralph. I loved it so much I re-watched it thrice, in the same week.

I remembered something Ralph believes in.

I am bad and that’s good, I will never be good and that’s not bad, there’s no one I would rather be than me.

There is no one I rather be other than who I am right now, despite my flaws and regrets.

And right now, what I really need is to remember that.

To ________ , I’m sorry, I don’t think I can ever be as good as him, or whoever you want me to be.

But I’m not sorry for being me.

And I hope that one day, you can accept that, no matter how long that would take.

So enough with the emo shit, it’s nerdy Tuesday! I guess the Spiderman and Wreck it Ralph references fit the bill.  I know it’s not profound and deep, but its just my 20 cents worth.

Also, I’m gonna slow down the rate of which I blog to really think about what I wish to say so I don’t over exploit words. Tuesdays shall still be for the geeky stuff, Sat shall be for my guest writers, ever other day of the week will really be up to if I feel it or not, until I can think of something.

To everyone, hope Monday didn’t treat you too badly, Tuesday is almost over soon. Find something to look forward to to keep you going.

Cheers all


“To me… From me…”

We all thought of it. Time travelling. I did.

Hell, who am I kidding?

I still do.

Every other day I’m hoping for the Doctor to drop by with his blue box, or to realize that actually I’m CDP ( chrono displaced personal) or I’m hoping for Emma Watson with her time turner.  Actually, I won’t be greedy, just Emma would be fine.

So yeah, who doesn’t want to time travel?

Today on my way home my mind wandered and I asked myself, “What if I could send letters through time?”

Indulge me for a moment, I know it can’t happen.

Still…If I could…

I would send a letter to myself 6 years back, telling him to talk to that girl sitting in front of him who he has been crushing on. She’s not going to eat you and really she’s very nice, just try to make friends with her.

Just talk to her already, you dumbass.

I would send a letter to myself 5 years back, to the day I failed my English essay. The day my teacher made me read it out in front of the whole class. I’d tell him, dude, please go work on your grammar. And then I’ll tell him to thank her for it, because if she hadn’t done it, I would have never wanted to prove to her that I can write. And I will never be who I am today.

I would probably send a letter to myself 4 years back, to the day my dad was in the hospital, and tell him that’s it’s going to be alright. You will get through this, I promise.

I would probably send a letter to myself 3 years back, to the day I went for my first practice, telling me/him that you are going to meet this girl who’s going to make you fall head over heels for her. Don’t be afraid of committing, love her with everything you got, just trust that it will turn out okay.

I would send a letter to myself 2 years ago, to that day where I broke down in front of my best friend and tell myself, its okay to cry. I know it hurts, it really does, but I promise you it will heal.

I would send a letter to myself a year ago, to the me who only began to chase his dreams, to pursuit his passion and tell him, don’t feel like a failure because you dared to be different. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are one. Not even yourself.

I would send a letter to myself a month ago, to that day, and then tell myself, its okay, it’s time to let go. It didn’t work out but its okay, you know you never regretted a single moment of it. You gave everything you got. It’s nobody’s fault.

I would go back to last Friday, to the me that was buying that second bottle of wine and then tell him, “Don’t. Just don’t” and then slap him real hard on the face.

I would send a letter to me somewhere in the future, to the me who has become so lost in the working world, so caught up with life that he no longer sees the meaning and then tell him, “Dude, never let go of the things you love doing and never forget the people you love.  Those are the ONLY things that matter.”

I would send a letter to my future self when I finally found her, The One, and then tell him, “Never let her go.”

And finally, I would send a letter to me just before I leave this world, and remind him of the days of his youth and tell him, “It’s been a hell of a ride, old man, it’s time to go.”

I guess I don’t have that luxury, and yeah, it’s nice to indulge in the idea that we can make things a little easier for us. But if I have to be very honest with myself, really honest.

There’s not a single bit in time that I would change.

Have a great time all


We think too much and feel too little

We think too much and feel too little

We think too much and feel too little

We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

The Great Dictator.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest speech ever made.

Some classics never fail to inspire, no matter how many decades has passed. While others hard manage to leave an impression.

To be honest, I hate most modern sci-fi. ( Not all)

It’s tasteless, full of clichés and over used ideas, hot girls and big guns. Simply just to attract the mainstream audience.


Sci-fi is so much more. It is supposed to make you look forward and yet at the same time fear the future.

It is supposed to challenge our ethical standings on our moral code, open our eyes to the black, white and grey of science.

It is supposed to make us think about life, about our humanity and about our mortality.

It mocks our hubris as humans to think that we are gods, to think that because we understand science, we control the universe and that we are in control of our lives.

When the reality is quite the opposite, because most of the time we have absolutely no control over our lives, much less the universe.

That even after attaining the power to create artificial intelligence, poverty will never cease to exist if we are unable to create people who care about others, people with compassion.

That even after achieving time travel; we will never progress or reach the peak of our capacity if we never learn from our past mistakes.

That even after achieving telepathy technology, we will never be able to connect with another human’s soul unless we learn to show our own, to learn to empathize and trust and to understand.

That even if we create the perfect human beings, we will never be near perfect unless we learn to accept each other for our own imperfections and to accept ourselves for our weaknesses.

That even if we can increase the intellectual capacity, our minds will be no more wiser, no more smarter,  no less duller unless we learn to keep it open and accept the perspectives of others and put aside that pride of ours.

That in the future, it is not the technology that would change our lives but the people who use them.

That in this future, it is not the engineers who determine how it would be but the innovators, the dreamers and the artists to carve the inspirations of the future on pages and in the minds of people, to inspire them to turn fiction into reality.

So please, stop ruining sci fi for nerds like me. I’m getting cancer just by watching it.

If not, I’m sending my Xenomorphs to hunt you down where ever you are.

To everyone else,



If you indulge me, i’d like to change the world


This one is for all the fellow geeks and sci fi nerds (:

Really felt that he carried out the speech perfectly,absolutely flawless.

Btw, big fan of the Alien series.

So is this dude.


To those who came here looking for some inspiring quotes on life and love, sorry, today is nerdy Tuesday.

I’m just gonna be a total nerd and indulge myself in drawing sci fi stuff  and just chilling.

I am working on some stuff though, don’t worry (:

A few ideas in my mind, just that the inspiration to finish it isn’t here yet.

And for my guest writers, don’t feel the rush to write out stuff.

I’m not putting anything up till next week, just take a little time to work on it and think about it.

No rush guys, just chill.

Anyway, to those who are still hung over from over Monday blues,

Tuesday is here (: worst part of the week is over.

Keep going 😛

Have a great week ahead.