The Theorist

My name is Issac, or as my friends usually just call me, Zac or Z. So yeah that’s pretty much why I sign off every post with Z.

I love expressing myself, I find it satisfying when I manage to create something that reflects how I feel or think about stuff, whether it is in the form of music, writing or drawing. Nothing really can compare to the feeling of bringing forth an emotion or an expression and the trill of having someone being able to connect  with it.

The blog really started with me trying to make sense of love, life and everything in between. To be honest I’ve never really seen myself as a writer until a month ago where I began writing about these “Theories” to try and make sense of some of the really confusing things that was happening with my life.

I guess you can say that’s how this blog came about.

So yeah, I’m the theorist. While writing isn’t really something that I am very familiar with, it is however one that I find most comfortable in helping me share my thoughts to whomever may be interested, and like many others, I’m still trying to explore my own style, finding different ways to tell a story or to share an idea.

I write about things that tries to explain what we experience, yet it is by no means a solution to the problems but more of a way of understanding ourselves better.

And we are constantly and always trying to understand ourselves.

To those who know me, you would know that this is just the beginning. My dream is to share the stories untold, the voices unheard and to make you see the world in ways you never thought you could.

To those who don’t know me, welcome to my humble blog. If you would allow me, I hope to change the way you think. Open your mind to it and I promise you, you will never think the same again.

To everyone, enjoy your stay.



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