The 3 point perspective of a break-up

Hey guys


Yeah I know, it’s been a really long time since I wrote something. I’ve been putting the pen away for  the pencil, will be going into ADM in NTU in a few weeks time. Really looking forward to it :D.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day and I kinda woke up with this idea.

As usual it’s about life and stuff so if that bores you, just click ALT-F4 and off you pop, bye!


You know how in art we have like different kind of compositions depending on the number of perspectives there are in the picture?


Okay for those who don’t lets go through 1-3




1 point




2 point



images (1)

3 point


The different types of perspectives follow what we call a vanishing point, where as in 1 point per there is one, in 2 there are 2 and so on…

Of course there are people who do 5 points but its really really hard and they’re not really humans.




That’s the art part.


Breaking up is really pretty much the same thing.

You start of with trying to see it from one point.



That’s how it starts isn’t it?

Whether you dumped, or you got dumped, it sucks.

Many times we know why we did it and so often the reason that we do it remains valid even after many years, and then the story you tell is rarely ever from anyone’s perspective but your own.

So whether its guilt or anger or just a feeling of being lost , that’s all you see sometimes.


That’s really all there is to see right now.


The thing about 1 point is that it is easy.

It is so easy to just ignore all the other vanishing points and the drawing will still look good.

2 lines converging into the center just like how our stories converge towards our pain,guilt and helplessness.


But it’s not always so easy, is it?

Sometimes, you got to move beyond that single vanishing point, beyond the blind spot that this 1 point is hiding..

And then slowly, if time allows, you move on to the 2 points.



2 points to me has always been a little tricky.

It’s not just 2 lines, it’s four and they cross over each other.

The composition can go so wrong if the lines don’t fit and then no matter how nice the details or the subject matter is, the drawing is ruined.

2 points in life is a lot harder too.

It requires you to see from the other person’s point of view.

It also requires you to look beyond your own story and to recognize that it’s not just your own perspective in the picture.

When the canvas is expanded, we realize that even though it might be far apart, there’s another vanishing point.

Another kind of perspective.

I never really mastered 2 point but I’ve been given the same advice as letting go.

Practice, don’t hide from the problem. Be honest with yourself, don’t lie. If the picture suck, admit it.

Then let time do the rest.

You see, the funny thing about 2 point is that eventually, those who are able to see it get this sense of closure.

To finally understand the other person for one last thing.

To finally see eye to eye.


And then, at that moment, you learn to let go.

There is something oddly painful and yet satisfying about 2 point perspectives.

The best part is you can’t rush it, you cant force it. You just have to keep trying.


3 point is a whole new level.

This moves beyond closure.

Here is where everything makes sense.

It’s gonna take longer, way longer than the other two but trust me, its worth it.

3 point perspective is when you look back and then understand why everything had to happen the way it did.

3 point could be looking from top down to see the endless horizon or it could be looking from bottom up, letting you be awestruck by everything that has happened.

3 point is when you realize that everything happened for a reason and could not have happened any other way.


It won’t come to you so fast but this one is worth the wait.

You see the lessons that you learned, mistakes that you made, the person that you wish to be and the person that you don’t.


Then, finally , you move on to the next drawing.




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