Time to go home

Yesterday we recieved news fron All Saint’s Home. Ah Poh, passed away at the age of 105. For those who don’t know her, she’s the old lady who ‘catwalked’ a few years back for a CIP thing and made it into the news . For the rest of us, she’s the dear old lady, oldest in fact, that has been with the Church way before I was even born.

When my father was first training as a bible college student in Bethany, she was there. And for many many years, she continued to be.

The dear old lady , a devoted christian and a fan of local delights always with an appetite for chilli crab and durian.
But even she was not immune to ageing . With old age came many problems, she became weak, moving was hard on her frail body. Sometimes when we do not turn up to fetch her to church , she would surprisingly turn up , having taken a cab to church on her own. That went on for as long as her body could take it before it finally could no longer take it anymore.

My last visit to Ah Poh was slightly about a month ago. The old lady glee at the sight of us. Then she looked slightly disappointed when we didnt bring food. Later my dad turnes up with a bowl of fish ball noodles. Her expression was, as cliché as it may seem, priceless. There was really no words I could use.
Feeding her took a while. We had to cut the fishball into small bits, watch her chew with that single remaining tooth, and watch in fear that she would choke. image

We were actually half expecting her not to recognise us, but she did. She began showing the number one to us.

Saying “One more.”

For a moment none of us could figure out who she was talking about.

The it hit us.

2 years ago we hired a helper. Whenever Ah Poh came to church, she would help her around. 2 years later we gotten so used to life without her that we forget about her existence.

The old lady lying on the bed did not.

Maybe it’s the writer in me seeing things that isn’t there, but I believe that there’s many things we can learn from this dear old lady.

Devote yourself to something, a belief, a religion, a hobby. Make it stick and dont ever let anything sway your devotion. Make it a reason life is worth living because when everything else fades, it might be so.

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You don’t want to miss out in this, taste good food, enjoy it while you can. You’ll miss it when you can no longer eat or drink.

Remember those who cared for you, those who showed you kindness and hope and above all, love. Don’t forget.
Yes, bad things happen. Here’s the way I see it, maybe the good don’t necessarily make bad things good . But the bad things don’t always make the good things bad. Indulge yourself in the good, forget the bad. Life’s too short to tweet about a horrible day or an argument. Let yourself forget it , your realise how petty and childish somethings are. Remember the good. Do good to others. These are the things that should last.

It’s been a busy week but I guess this has been a good reminder.
We all have to go home some day, some earlier than others. In the end we’ll just be stories told to another. Living in someone else’s memory.

Make it a good one shall we?



The coffee break


There’s something magical about cafés isnt it?
Some seek in it a familiarity, others hop around for something new. Either way we all seem to be finding something that goes more than just a cup of simple coffee.

Perhaps its the serenity that comes along with the quietness that always seems to accompany all these areas. The conversations over coffee is somehow always a little more private, whether is it a first date , or a Stranger’s reunion. Sometimes such conversations even works as Group therapy, the fragrance seems to relax the mind and lower one’s guard. Before you know it, bonds, new and old are both stregthened.

Then again, one could not give enough credit to the brew. After all , it never fails to amaze one how a simple mixture of two or three ingredients can form an entire menu. Sometimes the difference between one drink and another is whether or not its mixed or not. Other times it the presence and maybe even absence of it.
The same could be said of fhe bonds we have. New bonds , like macchiato, consists of two lives , separated but just touching. It’s lovely how the word macchiato, which means ‘marked’ ,  reflects the essence of a first meeting. That from this day on, you have and will aways be a part of my memory, whether or not our lives are mixed. Who knows? Perhaps ,just perhaps ….you will stay.
I sometimes wonder if the bitter taste of black coffee serves as a reminder of a long road ahead. To love the unsweetened brew takes a tamed tongue to look beyond the bitterness and enjoy the blend , the feel the fragrance and love the after taste. Certainly not a drink for those still a little less matured. After all it takes something to realise that life is not coated in candy, and it takes even more to know that one could enjoy it still.
Most drinks needs to be consumed in a certain time. Ice blends become diluted and no longer as appealing after the ice melted while hot beverages start to lose their warmth, the same applies. Time stands as a reminder to all that the cafe, this little safe heaven, has its limits. After awhile the magic fades and the people leave and soon our coffee break is over. Sometimes we leave with a promise to meet up again and it will be soon. Sometimes we know we will break the promise while deep in our hearts we do want to keep it. Either way as we leave, the coffee table is cleared for the next and we too move on from our break. Maybe we had a little more besides caffeine to keep us going until our next coffee break. And maybe thats enough. (:
Till next time

Ps . Just wrote this off the top of my head. Hope you enjoyed it , had a long day so please dont kill me if my grammar or spelling is wrong.