Finding the words inside

I just watched this 5 minutes video of this guy who stammered and yet spoke in front of his class. I guess when you find yourself lost for words; tears are the only way we know how to show how we feel. His bravery and determination to overcome his disability just… For the lack of better words, left me speechless.

I have a lot of thoughts, a lot of reflections. But as you would have noticed, I haven’t been writing and there are a few reasons to that. I might say that I’m busy, which would not be far from the truth. I have, in fact I just came back home from a Hackathon, we came in second with our game app.  I feel like I have so much to learn and have gained so much from this experience. And I’m thankful for the team.

I have also been busy with building up my portfolio, preparing for guitar grade 8. I try to make the best of the time I have to do the things I love. Playing music with likeminded people, simply just enjoying the vibes bouncing off each other as we play and just enjoy. It feels good, sharing a passion with someone.

But that alone has been only part of the reason for my absence from my blog. It’s just that after 40 posts or so, I’m starting to be afraid of what I say, and who is on the other side. And that kind of just turns me off from writing or sharing. My thoughts, my actions and my life suddenly no longer belonged to me, people would judge no matter what, and I handed them the gavel on a silver platter.

So the blog collected dust, left to rot, because the words that I have to say could not come out. They were too afraid to be seen by the world.

We are all afraid. Afraid of what others might think.

We know we shouldn’t, that how others view us should not dictate the way we live. So we shut up, afraid of what we say, afraid to be anything less than perfect.

So my question is, when you see the stuttering boy struggling to speak to his friends and trying so hard to just say that few words, did you see a person who lacks public speaking skills? Or did you see immerse courage? Were you irritate or inspired?

Did you see weakness or strength?

I guess what I’m saying is…

You don’t need to be perfect to great.

Strength is not something that can be seen from outside. Many times we show strength by being vulnerable.

Weak are those who hide behind their haughty eyes and crocked mouths, those people who bitch, whine pull others down just to make themselves feel better.  Well, you’re not better, you’re pathetic.

And you don’t tell me how to live my life.

If a guy who stammers can be unafraid of sharing how he feels, I don’t see why I should be.



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