A brief word on words

His words were love, forgive and repent… Yet a few thousand years later, time and time again people have misused those very words to go to war, to start crusades, to brew hate and fuel greed.  His words now became an excuse for wrath, they condemn those who do not follow their “righteousness” instead of forgiving, they seek to destroy instead of repent. They fight holy wars instead of working towards peace. They try to find a meaning in what they believe in but there no longer is one. They seek paradise but forget that hell is just a place where we forget to love, unable to forgive and no longer repent because we are constantly seeking fault in others. They forget that when he came he embraced the worst and the unholy, and he rejected those who deemed themselves religious and right. They forgot his words.
They used their own.

His words were peace and change. To be the change you want to see in the world. His actions were silent and loud. He was beaten, threatened and hungry. But he stood by his words. Live like you will die today, learn like you were to live forever. He lived by it and he spread it. Soon many others followed. Words are powerful. But it is only as powerful as your actions.

His words were anger and hate. He seeks a purity of race where there is none. He rallied armies and set a nation on a war again the world. He almost won. Almost. He would go down in history as one of the vilest man alive in history. His face is an icon. His deeds were horror stories. But his legacy forgotten… No one else has since been able to use words as well as he did.  Imagine if he used it to unite the world instead? Imagine the millions of lives that could have otherwise been saved…

His words were change and yes. Yes we can. He rallied an entire nation together as the world watched the first Black president of the world’s strongest country is born. They watched his every step. Every mistake. They watched as the man that stood for what they believe became just another man who lies. His words were lies. Words were like currency, overuse it and it loses its value, control and spend it wisely and it can give you unimaginable wealth. Forge it and make counterfeits and it becomes useless and forgettable. There was no change. Things would only become worse. No, we no longer believe we can. And no, we don’t care. Because at the end of the day life goes on. It’s hard. But it’s even harder to starve on hope when hope is a lie.

His words were dreams, beliefs and theories. He wrote behind the comfort of his home, his messy desk and the playing of slow jazz through his earpiece. What he wrote were thoughts, ideas penned down in digital ink on the internet.  He believed in chasing one’s dream, he ran on passion to do the things he love. Not many people agreed to it, but it was okay. There were a few that supported him and that was all that mattered. He calls himself a theorist but really he is just a kid, not always but there will be a big part of him that will always be a kid. He believed in doing the things you love because it makes you happy, he believed in the words of others and he slowly crafted the words that would soon become his own. He believes that life’s biggest lessons are learned by mistakes and that everyone fails at some point. You just need to learn to get up. He believed in many things, faith, science, arts, love, friendships… But he also believed in the power of Words. Words can be used to change lives, even his own. And so he wrote down his dreams and pursuit in words. And they will forever be inked at some part of his life, however it might turn out. Where ever his words might take him.




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