The writer’s paradox

Its been a while since i last sat down and ponder upon what to write for my blog.

And suddenly I’m stumped when someone asked me, ” What made you stop?”

You see… beside inflating my already some what bloated ego, writing provides me a outlet to express my frustration and disappointment with life, it provides me a place to express my emotions and to share my perspective on life, love and all that kind of rubbish.

Writing makes me happy. Its like commiting arson. You create a moment of joy and excitement and the state of vulnerability that the risk brings gives you adredeline rush.
The bored will find you entertaining , the busy will find you annoying and there will always be those people at the side line walking by, shouting ” Get a life!”
Plus you burn rubbish and bring light to the world even though no one really asked for it.
So i guess there are only a few logical reasons why someone would not want to indulge in such exciting activity.
1. It’s illegal
2 It’s dangerous
3. You actually have a life and happy with it.
So yeah, unlike arson , I guess why i haven been spending time with the keyboard is because i have been fairly contented with the life i have right now.

Which brings me to this paradox. More of a question I cant explain really. If you write to feel happy but you are already happy, why are you still writing?

Despite being in bliss and contentment,I never really stopped writing.
To those who feel that they haven picked up a pen in a while, here’s my 20 cents worth.
Just to keep it short, here’s 3 reason why you shouldn’t either.

Alright, lets go.

1. Write to stay sharp. Complacency dulls the mind. The Imp once said, ” A mind need books like a sword needs whet.” Like a sword, the writer’s mind rust when he allows himself to over indulge in the fantasies of the reality. He loses his own perception, becomes lazy, and soon he will be rolling over himself just to get a decent sentence going. Dont stop writing. It’s like the gym. Once you stop you never want to start again until the consequences of your laziness becomes obvious to you. And so does everyone around you.

2. Write to reflect. Writing is a reflection of your mind, you never want to go out of your house wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Dont go out without checking how you think either. Writing helps to let you see yourself. Yes ,there are somedays where it is impossible to look yourself in the mirror. Given a choice you dont want to let other people see you that way either. Check your mind. If you start the day with a lousy mindset, you probably won’t have a great day either.
Look and apprieciate the small things. Celebrate the big ones. Treasure each moment because every one of it eventually becomes a memory. Even if you forget it, someone else probably wont. One day you will sit in a cafe with old friends talking about today referring to it as ” the good old days”. How good it is depends on right now. So write and reflect like you would comb yout hair or paint your nails. A matured mind is just as attractive as a thickly powdered face.

3. Write to remember. The very core of the existence of language is dependent on this. Cave men wrote/drew/doodled on walls so that men will rememeber their exsitence . Men write biographies so that others will remember their stories. Writing immortalizes us. But dont just write so that others will remember you, because truth be told after a day or a month or some unpredictable span of time, people stop caring about you. You’re no longer interesting to them. Dont write for others, write for yourself. Write so that one day when you look back, you remember who you were and you will learn from it. Never make the same mistakes and dont ever EVER lose yourself .

I guess I could go on this already boring ramble. As much as I want to say its for someone out there who feels that they need a motivation to write , its really just for me.

So yeah. Keep writing Z, cause its starting to suck .
To everyone else, hope that Monday isn’t going too badly for ya.
Keep going (:

Cheers all



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