i'm depressed copy

So yesterday i was watching this video and what really struck me was these two words.

” So what?”

” There’s nothing I can do, we’re just one out of 7 billion people, how would we even know if someone is going through a rough time?”

But that’s not true is it? We do know, Everyone goes through a rough time someday or another, some more than others. It could be someone you love, a friend, a lover, a family…


I drew some stuff, it’s not much but it’s what I do to try to cheer my friends up.

I’m starting this little series of drawings called Un-blues on the blog.

I’ll try to post a little something every Monday to chase away the Monday blues.

I know it kinda looks like pon & zi from the EMO series, I’ll be honest, I’m kinda afraid I get sued. But the design is easy and cute and people like it and I’m not doing this for money.

I’m just trying to get people to brighten up someone else’s day.

It could be anyone, a friend who is studying ,

study copy

someone you miss,

imissyou copy

someone who needs a hug


Someone you love

we accept the love copy

Or even someone who has closed themselves off

bottle copy

. If you feel that the drawings could cheer somebody up then please, just share it.

share me copy2

Cause after all, you never know if you are making someone’s day.

Also if you have requests of things you want me to doodle, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Hope you guys like it.




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