5 Signs That Show Break-Up May Be What your Relationship Needs.

You are unhappy with your relationship, you feel like you are between the wall and a hard place and the Eminem song “love the way you lie” ft Rihanna clearly describes your relationship with your partner. Truth be told, you need to break. Hell, Eminem and Rihanna both have had their hands in terrible match ups (Eminem divorced his wife after spousal abuse and Rihanna finally broke up with Chris brown, the dude that beat her up) hence they know what they are talking about. Learn from them and move on! Here are my 5 signs that show you got to move on and breakup.


1.You have pointless, heated arguments more than have like minded peaceful settlements agreements.

Every couple has their arguments, but not every couple have them and always escalate to shouting, personal attacks on each other and ending in crying, silent treatments and you listening to sad songs while you stuff your face with ben and jerrys’. If you are having more arguments than agreements, you both definitely have extremely conflicting personalities and perspectives in life. You two will never be able to see eye to eye because you two will never understand and agree with the other’s view. Can you imagine what it will be like when you both get married? Unlike now, you can’t run away from the other, every fight you have will blow up the same way and be even worse than it is now because there is no longer the option of a “cooldown period” where you can bitch to your friends about how you mean your partner is. You will have to deal with your significant other whether you like it or not because you will have to eat, sleep and shit together. Literally. Don’t give yourself the bullshit that “arguments only make the relationship stronger.” They only do when they stop becoming an issue, but if you are arguing about the same thing day in and out and it constantly comes up as a defense to a fresh new argument, that is only a sign that there are cracks in the wall… and you should find and buy a new wall.


2.You have more bad things to say about your partner than good things when discussing your relationship with your peers.

Calling your significant other pet names like “sweetie”, “dear”, “honeybun” and other forms of endearment that would make everyone around puke rainbows and sunshine(and i emphasize the word PUKE) is normal. But I am very sure “dickhead”, “douchebag” and “MUTHAF**** are not words you would describe a person you like and are in love with. (unless “dickhead” is used to describe how big his **** is, but let’s face it, you will use other forms of subtle sexual quotations to describe that.) That goes with the nasty memories of him/her screwing up that comes with it too. If mean, if you are telling all the bad shit to your friends about what your bf or gf is doing, how different is it when you are describing that bitch that you can’t stand in your office/school/place you hang out often? If you find him/her worth keeping, you wouldn’t be harping on all their bullshit you can’t stand, you would be telling the world why you want to be with them!


3.You can no longer trust his/her word anymore.

You check their emails, twitter, facebook, handphone, tumblr, and even his/her fucking neopets account for hints that could lead to proof that he/she is cheating on you. You always double check on their word that they are not lying to you. First off, what you are doing, is creepy You are better than that. If your mom does it to you and you think she is being too much, so are you. Relationships are said to be built on trust, and you already don’t trust them. That means your foundations that your relationship is built upon is already weak… that should tell you how long your relationship will go.


4.Everyone around you are wondering why and asking you two to call it quits.

Ever seen those parodies where a girl is crying because her boyfriend was just caught cheating on her, but when

her friends tell her, to break up with him, she refuses because of an excuse she made up for him like, “No! Because even when he is cheating on me with another girl, he is still thinking about me.” Your relationship may be more similar to the parody than you think. If your close friends are constantly questioning your common sense as to why you are still up with him/her, you may still have love goggles on or still be incredibly infatuated with him. As a result, your judgement may be impeded and you may be heading straight for a brick wall.


5.You or your partner constantly resorts to emotionally blackmail you with threats of breakup.

This is one of the clear signs your relationship may be going no where. If you and/or your partner constantly put breakup on the table to win a case, that shows that you and/or your partner don’t treasure the relationship at all! You are willing to risk it as a bargaining chip to win! If your relationship is really the most important thing in your life as you say it is, then it is like betting ALL IN at the start of every game in poker! Anyone would think that is a stupid, dull witted move if you played poker unless you are willing to lose it all. If you are willing to lose it all, then it must not mean much to you as so claimed!

Now, these are only signs I have seen in friends’ messed up past and present relationships and things i have seen growing up in a dysfunction family where my parents do not get along. If you really don’t want to break up, then work on your relationship and stop having these signs present in your relationship. Remember, you got into a relationship in the first place to feel happy and have that storybook fairytale ending that we all, including me, crave.


Z: had this post up a little while back, felt it was rather honest, funny and interesting.  Hope you guys enjoy the read. Hope it helps some people make that break.

(: Many thanks to this week’s guest writer Aaron.

BTW bro, if people start breaking up cause of this post, its on you. I didn’t do anything.

Have a great week end ahead guys.





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