The 3 A’s of awesome, cause we all need to be reminded life is awesome.

So there is this dude that wrote a blog on 1000 awesome things to remind us of the small wonders of the world.

To those who are feeling a little down in the dumps, take a moment and just click the link.

Watch this video, really.

This guy remind us of how we view life is really dependent on 3 things.



3. Authenticity

I won’t go into what he says, just take a moment to watch it.

So yeah, we all need something to remind us how great life is.

I’ll leave you with a question for the rest of your week, if you’re not doing what you love with this one life that you have,what the hell are you doing?

Well, that’s what I keep asking myself everyday, because as cliche and as overused as this sounds, we only live once.

Anyway, keep smiling all (:




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