One step at a time, two steps closer

So its hasn’t even been two weeks since I started to blog about stuff and I’m closing in to a thousand views?


To all of you, big thanks. You’re awesome. Giant bear hug.


Okay so today what I really want to talk about is where I decided to head to with the blog, so you guys can know what to expect.

Firstly with regards to the blog posts, I will not be doing as many as I did, rather I’m focusing less on how much I post and really trying to make each post the best that it can be. I have about 10 draft posts that part of me just wish to unleash into the world and get it over and done with but I feel that by doing so I’m not doing it nor does you guy justice. I’ll still be coming up with theories to try to make sense of what ever I’m going through, or the people around me are experiencing. I’ll also try to do some narrations and short stories; I’m not exactly with such writing styles so I will appreciate any feedback that you guys can provide.

Secondly I will be working more on the blog to really feel at home with it. So don’t be surprise if it looks a little different every now and then. Do check out the contents and the different pages which I will be putting up. I want this to a place where I can share my passion, so I’ll probably be adding more stuff like drawings, photographs that I took, music maybe? I would talk about the books or movies or series that I love, or the stories that I find inspiring. Basically like what I tell all my guest writers, I will write about the things I feel for. Every post will be part of me. If you like it please share, it would mean the world to me knowing that I inspired somebody, anybody.

Thirdly, this is really just an idea but I MIGHT be turning these stories to short films. Yes, I’m not sure when, I’m really starting from scratch and working alone and trust me it is HARD. But I’m targeting to produce the first short film by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m also working towards doing covers with some amazing people I know but as of now nothing has been set. We’re working on it.

So yeah , I love how this blog is going, I love the feedback I’m getting, even those who tell me they disapprove of my theories, it’s cool . We all have our own opinions, thanks for sharing.

If you like what you read do check out the rest of the blog, I’ve written some theories here and there, some things that are really part of me, hope you guys like it.

Share if you like what you  read (:






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