I believe in Spiderman and Wreck-it-Ralph

If someone was to ask me which marvel hero is my favorite, it wouldn’t even be a question. Spiderman wins, hands down.

Yes this is even before Gwen stacy aka blonde Emma Stones starred in it.
And no, its not cause of MJ in the previous series either.

I love Spiderman.

But really, the thing about Marvel is that they have superb character development. They make heroes that are messed up and human. Even after giving them superhuman powers.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have superpowers to make their lives easier. I spend more than half my childhood wishing I could turn back time, or fly to school or just simply be something more than me. I wanted to be anything more than ordinary.

Yet to me, Spiderman reflects something more than just a teenage superhero. He reflects the life of a teenager. He gets heartbroken, he mourns for the lost of his uncle, he learns to be independent and pick himself up .
Life doesn’t stop for you just because you are Spiderman.
In fact, when he first began, Spiderman was hated by everyone. People felt that he was a freak, meddling with the duty of the police. He did what he did not because of what people asked of him, but because of what he believes in.
He had to hide his identity simply because he stood for what be.

Find something to believe in, like really really believe in.

Because when all else fails you, when the people around you leave you. When you are finally alone, it is when you find yourself doubting everything you believe in and it is when you realize what it is you truly believe in.

For Spiderman, it was obvious. ” With great power comes with great responsibility.”

Yes, there were days when I ever felt this line was overused, cliche and really really dumb.

That’s what happens to everything when you overuse it, it loses its meaning.

But then there were days where shit happens and you are wondering why people can still move on with their lives.

Why is it that after losing the people he love, Peter could still fight on?

Cause he stuck to what he believed in, that despite all the things that has happened to him, it was his responsibility to help those who would not help themselves.


” Because he was bitten by a radio-active spider… ”

” Because he is Spider man..”

” Because he promised Uncle Ben…”

Because at the end of the day he choose to stick to what he believes in.

He made that choice.

You want to know how to write a good story?

Write about a really messed up guy and how he overcomes his problems. People won’t simply be attracted to the story.

They will be attracted to what he believes in.

Recently I have been in a very confused state of mind.

In my search for clarity, I have discovered three things.

1. I will never understand women, never ever ever ever.

2. Sake is evil, it’s just wrong, really.

3. Not knowing what to believe in anymore sucks.

So after spending sometime being comfortable in silence with a friend of mine, I learned something about myself.

I’m not perfect, I’m still trying to find myself. I make mistakes, plenty. And by some dumb luck or whatever, I remembered this movie I watched last year, Wreck- it -Ralph. I loved it so much I re-watched it thrice, in the same week.

I remembered something Ralph believes in.

I am bad and that’s good, I will never be good and that’s not bad, there’s no one I would rather be than me.

There is no one I rather be other than who I am right now, despite my flaws and regrets.

And right now, what I really need is to remember that.

To ________ , I’m sorry, I don’t think I can ever be as good as him, or whoever you want me to be.

But I’m not sorry for being me.

And I hope that one day, you can accept that, no matter how long that would take.

So enough with the emo shit, it’s nerdy Tuesday! I guess the Spiderman and Wreck it Ralph references fit the bill.  I know it’s not profound and deep, but its just my 20 cents worth.

Also, I’m gonna slow down the rate of which I blog to really think about what I wish to say so I don’t over exploit words. Tuesdays shall still be for the geeky stuff, Sat shall be for my guest writers, ever other day of the week will really be up to if I feel it or not, until I can think of something.

To everyone, hope Monday didn’t treat you too badly, Tuesday is almost over soon. Find something to look forward to to keep you going.

Cheers all



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