To share the silence when needed



Silence is awkward, or at least it’s supposed to be.  It marks this inability to communicate with another person, whether his or yours, sometimes you don’t really know. Silence, more often than not, needs to be broken.

That’s why we have cheesy pick-up lines, social media and candy crush.
Once you made her laugh, it’s so much easier to get her number. Get her name and add her on Facebook! Everyone is doing that. Send her a life! She’ll be ever so grateful she’ll date you in no time.

Okay maybe I’m kidding about the pickup line part. Who uses real human interaction nowadays? I’ll just say hi through FB message. This way you’ll never feel that it’s too quiet. If she doesn’t reply it’s probably cause of lack of Wi-Fi, her battery died, or M1 satellite just got shot down by Obama or something…

It’s cool, nothing to do with you. You’re fine bro.

But really, what is it with us and all these social networks and communication devices when none of us are actually getting better at communicating?

I mean … why are we so afraid of silence? Is it so hard to admit that perhaps silence is what we really seek in a partner?

I mean … I really won’t mind having someone who makes me feel comfortable not talking.

Silence can be nice… There’s no need to say anything. You just feel like you’ve connected. You start out by breaking the silence, got the endless conversations started all to this one point and then one day, you realize you don’t have to say anything anymore.
She already knows.

Maybe instead of finding someone who we will never be quiet with, we should find someone who makes us feel that it’s alright to be quiet. Someone whom we can share the silence with.

After all…If you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, it’s probably best to find someone who doesn’t talk that much. 😉

Cheers all



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