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So yesterday i was watching this video and what really struck me was these two words.

” So what?”

” There’s nothing I can do, we’re just one out of 7 billion people, how would we even know if someone is going through a rough time?”

But that’s not true is it? We do know, Everyone goes through a rough time someday or another, some more than others. It could be someone you love, a friend, a lover, a family…


I drew some stuff, it’s not much but it’s what I do to try to cheer my friends up.

I’m starting this little series of drawings called Un-blues on the blog.

I’ll try to post a little something every Monday to chase away the Monday blues.

I know it kinda looks like pon & zi from the EMO series, I’ll be honest, I’m kinda afraid I get sued. But the design is easy and cute and people like it and I’m not doing this for money.

I’m just trying to get people to brighten up someone else’s day.

It could be anyone, a friend who is studying ,

study copy

someone you miss,

imissyou copy

someone who needs a hug


Someone you love

we accept the love copy

Or even someone who has closed themselves off

bottle copy

. If you feel that the drawings could cheer somebody up then please, just share it.

share me copy2

Cause after all, you never know if you are making someone’s day.

Also if you have requests of things you want me to doodle, drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Hope you guys like it.




The Chaser


The Chaser

He want to be perfect, or somewhat close.

Score straight As, become the leader of our CCAs or be Mr. Popular. He put on a façade to show how strong or successful he is.

But really, tear down those masks and he is nothing but an insecure, imperfect person. He is concerned with how people see him; how people may form negative judgments of him; how people will criticize him. So he puts on a mask.

He tries to be perfect. Like everyone else, he craves acceptance He tries his best to be “presentable”. He is afraid of saying the wrong things; afraid of saying uninteresting or unintelligent things; afraid that he is not handsome, buff, tall, and cool…you get the point.

He then chooses to stay at home more, gradually losing his social skills as a result. Friends contact him less and less and he becomes more afraid of going out. It then becomes a vicious cycle. He chooses to be preoccupied with thinking what other people might be thinking.

He thinks of the ensuing awkwardness if he decides to meet anyone again, and shudder at that thought. Trapped again. He suppresses any form of perceived weakness like crying and would prefer a poker face. No, a guy must be ice cool, not cry and not be overly emotional. He is just trying to be perfect. His version of perfection. People then often misunderstand him as being aloof or unsympathetic. But he is simply misunderstood.

He is just chasing perfection.

He is afraid to fail because failing is a weakness. So he doesn’t try. He is more motivated by not failing than inspired to achieve his goal. When he does try – and fails – he gets defensive not because he denies the mistakes but because he cannot accept that he made one.

He feels embarrassed and withdraw more into his ever-smaller shell. He is just chasing perfection. In the journey of chasing perfection, he builds a wall around himself, thinking that he will reveal himself only when he is ready – perfect. However, there is no perfection.

It’s just an idea. Not even an entity.

He will never reveal himself.

What are we chasing? What have I been chasing?

I was a Chaser. Chaser of that elusive unattainable Perfection.

After all the rat race, all the struggles and all these chase, where has it gotten me?

I have a thought, maybe just maybe…

Maybe it’s okay to celebrate imperfection, to celebrate me for who I am. That’s who I want to be , me.

More than that,I am going to be vulnerable – to cry, to shed the cool exterior, to smile – without caring what the world may think of me. I am going to step out of my shell without the usual thoughts of “what might she think of me” or “would it be awkward?” I am going to embrace “me” again.

To be myself again.

Understand me, for I have only just reborn.


Z: Here’s this week’s guest writer done by a friend of mine, love it a lot. Reflects a lot about what I guess many of us has been through or is going through.

The art is by this dude here, if you like it ( you should, its awesome) check him out. http://aquasixio.deviantart.com/

Have a great weekend guys (:



The yellow umbrella theory

I’m a big fan of how i met your mother and the fact that season 9 has begun has really got me excited. Really really excited.
I know i haven been writing awhile and part of the reason is that i’ve been busy but also i never felt that what i wrote was complete, nor did it have that flare in it…
I didn’t felt the writing come to life, so there, 20 drafts , 20 potential entries in  suspended animation because i cant bring back Frankenstein. Maybe ill bring them to life someday, maybe ill just bury them. I don’t know?
Having said that, i did have a sudden urge to write about himym, and i haven done a theory in a while… So to all the fellow fans out there, here’s the yellow umbrella theory.

The idea is pretty simple. Its comes off based on what Ted said.

“Kids, there’s more than one story of how I met your mother. You know the short version, the thing with your mom’s yellow umbrella, but there’s a bigger story…”

Everything that ever happens in our lives is part of a story that leads to the one that really matters.

In the 10 years of himym, Ted dated a dozen girls. He met the dream girl who became his best friend and then later married his other best friend. He met the girl in pefect night, didnt get her number but yet somehow manage to find her back. He made 10mins the most memorable date for a mother who doesnt have time for herself. He fell in love with the girl who opposed everything he believed in. He dated/banged his bestfriend’s sister…

But after 9 seasons, a thousand girls later , Ted still haven found the mother.

And at this point in time it seems pretty hopeless.

You see…Shit happens
The girl of his dreams is gonna marry his bestfriend, he finds it hard to not admit that actually he still feels something for her.
He got left at the altar.
He found the girl who got away, stole her from her wedding and get her back only to lose her again .
He had his heart broken and torn, ripped out and stepped on.
He grilled meat in the room of his dream girl out of loneliness.

He did a lot of crazy things.

I mean… we all did.
But you know its okay because at the end of the day, he is sitting on a sofa telling that wonderful story that so many people now know by heart.

Here’s my theory.
At the end of it all, we are just looking for that one huge crazy story that we can sit down and tell our kids about. That out of the 7billion people in the world, after finding time and time again for that one, the perfect girl is now in the kitchen making a salami sandwhich. (I hope she remembers the mayo.)
At the end of it all, what we really want is to sit by the bed side of our 4 year old hyperactive son and 2 year old precious daughter and ask as we tuck them into bed , “Hey kids, have i ever told you about how i met your mother?”

At the end of it all, all these moments of fear ,frustration and disappointment are just memories and events to lead to the real story. The really big one, the one that will take us 8 years to tell? That’s the rest of it, how we came to be who we are, how each episode made us a little wiser and braver to love. How it made us the person your mother fell in love with.

Dear friend , the other Ted, you know who you are.

This one is for you.
You might think its kinda crazy to try and fall over and over again, so desperately trying to find that one person who not just tolerate our flaws and quirks, but actually kinda likes them.

Love shouldn’t be about tolerating someone for the rest of your life, you didn’t get married just so you can spend eternity hating each other.

Maybe you forget that you believe in love and fate and all that chessy stuff, maybe you given up hope. But i promise you, hold on, keep waiting, she’s coming for you.

Also, don’t ever miss out on the crazy moments with your friends. Just because you don’t know how its gonna end doesn’t mean you can enjoy the ride.
And if she really doesn’t turn up, you got nothing to worry about.

Cause no matter what, you’ve got me. (:
Just wait for it .. Its gonna be legen….
Well, you know the rest. 😉

To those who haven seen himym, i strongly recommend it.
Its a little long, its been around for awhile but you got time to catch up.

The last season just started.

Join the club guys, we’ve got jackets.


5 Signs That Show Break-Up May Be What your Relationship Needs.

You are unhappy with your relationship, you feel like you are between the wall and a hard place and the Eminem song “love the way you lie” ft Rihanna clearly describes your relationship with your partner. Truth be told, you need to break. Hell, Eminem and Rihanna both have had their hands in terrible match ups (Eminem divorced his wife after spousal abuse and Rihanna finally broke up with Chris brown, the dude that beat her up) hence they know what they are talking about. Learn from them and move on! Here are my 5 signs that show you got to move on and breakup.


1.You have pointless, heated arguments more than have like minded peaceful settlements agreements.

Every couple has their arguments, but not every couple have them and always escalate to shouting, personal attacks on each other and ending in crying, silent treatments and you listening to sad songs while you stuff your face with ben and jerrys’. If you are having more arguments than agreements, you both definitely have extremely conflicting personalities and perspectives in life. You two will never be able to see eye to eye because you two will never understand and agree with the other’s view. Can you imagine what it will be like when you both get married? Unlike now, you can’t run away from the other, every fight you have will blow up the same way and be even worse than it is now because there is no longer the option of a “cooldown period” where you can bitch to your friends about how you mean your partner is. You will have to deal with your significant other whether you like it or not because you will have to eat, sleep and shit together. Literally. Don’t give yourself the bullshit that “arguments only make the relationship stronger.” They only do when they stop becoming an issue, but if you are arguing about the same thing day in and out and it constantly comes up as a defense to a fresh new argument, that is only a sign that there are cracks in the wall… and you should find and buy a new wall.


2.You have more bad things to say about your partner than good things when discussing your relationship with your peers.

Calling your significant other pet names like “sweetie”, “dear”, “honeybun” and other forms of endearment that would make everyone around puke rainbows and sunshine(and i emphasize the word PUKE) is normal. But I am very sure “dickhead”, “douchebag” and “MUTHAF**** are not words you would describe a person you like and are in love with. (unless “dickhead” is used to describe how big his **** is, but let’s face it, you will use other forms of subtle sexual quotations to describe that.) That goes with the nasty memories of him/her screwing up that comes with it too. If mean, if you are telling all the bad shit to your friends about what your bf or gf is doing, how different is it when you are describing that bitch that you can’t stand in your office/school/place you hang out often? If you find him/her worth keeping, you wouldn’t be harping on all their bullshit you can’t stand, you would be telling the world why you want to be with them!


3.You can no longer trust his/her word anymore.

You check their emails, twitter, facebook, handphone, tumblr, and even his/her fucking neopets account for hints that could lead to proof that he/she is cheating on you. You always double check on their word that they are not lying to you. First off, what you are doing, is creepy You are better than that. If your mom does it to you and you think she is being too much, so are you. Relationships are said to be built on trust, and you already don’t trust them. That means your foundations that your relationship is built upon is already weak… that should tell you how long your relationship will go.


4.Everyone around you are wondering why and asking you two to call it quits.

Ever seen those parodies where a girl is crying because her boyfriend was just caught cheating on her, but when

her friends tell her, to break up with him, she refuses because of an excuse she made up for him like, “No! Because even when he is cheating on me with another girl, he is still thinking about me.” Your relationship may be more similar to the parody than you think. If your close friends are constantly questioning your common sense as to why you are still up with him/her, you may still have love goggles on or still be incredibly infatuated with him. As a result, your judgement may be impeded and you may be heading straight for a brick wall.


5.You or your partner constantly resorts to emotionally blackmail you with threats of breakup.

This is one of the clear signs your relationship may be going no where. If you and/or your partner constantly put breakup on the table to win a case, that shows that you and/or your partner don’t treasure the relationship at all! You are willing to risk it as a bargaining chip to win! If your relationship is really the most important thing in your life as you say it is, then it is like betting ALL IN at the start of every game in poker! Anyone would think that is a stupid, dull witted move if you played poker unless you are willing to lose it all. If you are willing to lose it all, then it must not mean much to you as so claimed!

Now, these are only signs I have seen in friends’ messed up past and present relationships and things i have seen growing up in a dysfunction family where my parents do not get along. If you really don’t want to break up, then work on your relationship and stop having these signs present in your relationship. Remember, you got into a relationship in the first place to feel happy and have that storybook fairytale ending that we all, including me, crave.


Z: had this post up a little while back, felt it was rather honest, funny and interesting.  Hope you guys enjoy the read. Hope it helps some people make that break.

(: Many thanks to this week’s guest writer Aaron.

BTW bro, if people start breaking up cause of this post, its on you. I didn’t do anything.

Have a great week end ahead guys.





Hey guys check out this awesome card shop that my childhood friend has started. Really amazing stuff, I’ll be interviewing her next week and giving you guys more insight on it so stay tune. (:
If you like what you see do contact her and support local biz ya?
Cheers all


It’s time to update yall on my customised works (mainly gift boxes) and the orders just kept coming so im truly grateful for that! Especially friends who ordered to support me as well as a couple of customers who either referred a friend or came back for more gift boxes, THANK YOU ♡♡♡

So these are the gift boxes/goods that I’ve been up to for the past few months:

















That should be all for now, am still working on some right now so I’ll have them up on a later date!
Thanks for dropping by♥

Email cardsculture@hotmail.com for enquiries/purchases/feedbacks:)

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