Our stories


Alright firstly big thanks to all those who accepted my invitation. Can’t wait to hear from you soon.

I’m not really in the writing mood today, honestly I have a thing or two bugging me, but I do want to share a quote by Brene Brown.

Amazing speaker, to those who have never seen her ted talks please take sometime to listen to it, she’s funny, she’s wise and she will make you think.



Go check her out, she’s awesome.

I also want to dedicate the quote about to all the guest writers, it’s not easy to share a part of you, I know .

It’s gonna leave you vulnerable.

But let me just quote Brene brown again.


Don’t write about the side of you that you are comfortable with. If you are still looking for inspiration, I suggest find it in the place that leaves you the most vulnerable. From there you can find the courage to share the story of who you really are, what you really love and inspire others to be who you want to be.

Alright that’s all for now, need to clear the mess in my head



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