The Invitation


The invitation has been sent, you guys
know who you are.

Well basically I decided to invite a handful of people to write on my blog.

The idea is simple, every week or so I shall post an entry by a guest writer.

There’s no time limit, take as long as you like.

Word limit wise, I would recommend 500 to 1000 words, anything more than that usually bores people.

You don’t need to show who you are, you can have a pen name, an alias.

Take your time to find your inspiration, when you have an idea of what you want to write about let me know.

We can talk about it over coffee or online and then work towards perfecting it and finding you own voice.

I know what you guys are thinking.

Why did I ask you to write?

Why you?

Here’s the thing about you guys, all of you are from different walks of life.

I’ve asked gamers, geeks, artists, musicians, students… Etc etc.

Really, there’s nothing similar about all of you. You probably don’t even know who are the other writers or what to expect.

But you  guys  have something in common.

There is something you feel about, something that means something to you.

Whether it is things like the importance of trust, or the meaning or life, or what drives you to live, all of you have something that is truly inspiring.

Something different.

Something worth sharing.

And I would be more than honored to share your voice on my blog.

Alright, the invitation has been sent. Looking forward to your entries.

Find that voice in you.

(Ps: thumbs up to those who gets the doc who reference 😉 )

All the best.






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