Big thanks and small beginnings

Alright firstly big shout out to everyone who has clicked the link on my blog.
I just hit 136 views in 4days.
I know it probably doesn’t sound like much to many but to me it is a really amazing feeling.
I mean.. where did you all even come from?!?!
I was checking my stats and I realise I even have a visitor from out of country, 5 refers from fb, 3 from twitter.
I don’t even have twitter.
So yeah. Many thanks and a giant bear hug to you all.
Oh yes I jus creates a twitter account. Follow me at twitter @dreamtheorist.
Insta @ izacting.
I’ll post whatever I can think of , quotes, retweets, blah blah blah. I’m actually really bad with a this social media thing… o.o
I usually like to keep my life private.
So far I got 1 follower. O.o
I’ll work on it.
Secondly a few people came to me with questions about the need and want theory.
Is this based on your own experience?

Eh… no , not really. More like different people’s lives blended into this story.

Why did the girl ask him if she’s a need or a want?

I got no answer for that. Maybe she’s just being playful? I shall ask her again next time.

Don’t you think you are over simplifying love to just needs and wants? These are human emotions we are talking about.

Yes!!! I know right. This was one of the challenges I faced when writing about it. Since it was based on econs idea, the first draft seemed too dry or essay like … So I decided to put it into a conversation. That was how it came about anyway.

So yes. I feel that the need and want theory is too… technical. Unfeeling.

But like all the countless people out there who are trying to make sense of love and life, limiting ourselves to a sort of theory or a ‘box ‘ is just how we explain it.

Its my way of making sense of things.
In fact, I’m kinda glad that people have different ideas about the need and want theory. The purpose of me writing isn’t for you to think like me. I just want you to think.

Like… the color theory

See your life in someone elses eyes and realise just how truly awesome you are. Its about looking in a different light.

Or the disney theory, don’t expect your happily ever after at the end. You have to make yours every day.

Or even the dream theory.. dare to dream…but you dont need to do it alone.

My thoughts, my feelings and my soul beared for the world to see and judge.

But if I can open up your eyes to see the beauty that connects the things we so causally dismiss to our life and love, I don’t really care about what the rest of the world thinks.

See the world through different lens everyday, a different analogy , a new perspective. Find your own voice.
Hope to hear from you all soon


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