The Dream theory

Some of you will wonder about the name of the blog.

Its a simple idea, really.

Something I believe in. And like most theories, it needs to be tested.
So here’s how the dream theory goes. You only need two person to believe in a dream to make it reality.
The dream theory
Because chasing dreams are hard, and at some point we will fall. So never do it alone.

“I’ll push you, pull you , pick you up when you fall, put you back when you break , hug you when you cry. I’ll be there to remind you what’s worth fighting for. “

How many peole have I shared this with?
I kinda lost count…
How many times did I share it with myself?
Probably even more…
I have a lot of funny dreams… I wanna be a concept artist, I wanna form a band, I wanna write my own film, direct it,compose its tunes..
Stir people hearts, connect their lives.
Dreams…The pursuit of it seems so difficult and yet so worth it.
All these seem so distant until a few weeks back.
I guess I was falling. Or I fell.
Somebody picked me up .
Someday I’m gonna return the favour (:

I’m not as passionate as you think I am… I’m weak alone.
I waver. I doubt myself…
I’m always needing someone to help me up.
Then again who doesn’t?
But some dreams are worth holding on to…
Some dreams worth fighting for.
And so begins the testing .
Testing the dream theory



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