People lie every day… We all know that

In other’s face, behind their backs… It mattered little. After all a lie that is not discovered becomes the truth.

Yet… why is it that the most common lies we tell is the lies we tell ourselves?

“I’m fine.”

We tell that to our friends,our family, even our spouse…

“I’m fine…”

Are we really?

It sounded like a consolation to ourselves, some words of encouragement to our broken lives…

Is it really?

Why is it okay to lie to ourselves and yet somehow, it seems wrong when we lie to others?

We do we even lie to ourselves…

I can think of a dozen and one reasons.

To feel better about ourselves

To move on

To let go

To stand up again…


Or do we lie to ourselves, build a barricade around our broken heart, hide our emotions so that the world will not judge us for our weakness, so that the people around us will not judge us for our flaws…

I have a theory, a small one… more of a thought really…

That perhaps the reason we lie to ourselves..

The reason the words ‘i’m fine’ even exist …

Is that deep down inside, we are screaming for help.

That in the midst of all the lies and all the truth, and all the wrong and all the right.

What we really want isn’t to hide how we feel to the rest of the world.

What we really want is to be accepted.

And its only when we find that one person who accepts us for who we truly us.

Embrace us for our flaws, love us for our weakness.

That one person who effortlessly tear down all the barricades and wall that we’ve spend years building ourselves.

Only when we find them… We can truly be honest to ourselves and say…

“I’m fine.”

Just a thought, 
Cheers (: 



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